While other whiskey brands show Ireland as a caricature of itself with rolling green hills and tweed suits, we immersed people in the Ireland unseen - the real streets of Belfast, real Irish red heads and real Irish music.

With a pack of red heads running fearlessly through the streets, RED. SET. GO. reflects the feeling of drinking Bushmills straight. The calm before the first sip, the rush of blood coursing through your veins, and the feeling of freedom with nothing in the way.


RED. SET. GO. was soundtracked to up-and-coming Irish punk band, Kid Karate, so Bushmills is sending them on a 10-city tour across America, to bring real Irish to real America the summer of 2019.

We launched the tour with a Kid Karate set at Saint Vitus, a punk music dive bar in Brooklyn. The tour was born from the RED. SET. GO. campaign and brought the sound, the spirit and the red.

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